A uniform is a multi-purposed garment. One, it helps identify which school a child goes to. Two, besides an easy identification, it creates a feeling of unity and equality between the kids. But that is just the beginning.

Here are some more advantages for you to consider:

Consider the Variety

When it comes to uniform or T Shirt design, Mac Designs can offer you personalized perfection. Whether it is through embroidery that you help the staff’s polo shirts stand out or your sports team’s logo printed on their uniforms, we can help you stand out!

If you want a look that isn’t just unique but also looks professional, then what you need is embroidered apparel. School logos on blazers and shirts come off looking extremely authentic and amazing. The finished product looks clean and sophisticated but more importantly, instantly recognizable! On the other hand, you can enjoy one of the many techniques we use for T Shirt Printing to get word out about your sports team or business. For instance, screen printing involves direct application of ink onto the garment after it passes through a silk mesh screen. It is perfect for bulk orders since the process is fast and can be used to produce school sports kits.

Walking Advertisements

Think of our printing services as the easiest route to creating excellent brand recognition. If you want word about your school to get out, then what better way is there other than through the school uniform? Wherever your students go, the printed/embroidered garment acts like a walking advertisement. The same is true for promotion of businesses, sports events, etc.

Cost Considerations

Embroidery doesn’t just look clean and crisp aesthetically. It is also highly economical due to low cost for setups and materials. If you run a school, then providing uniforms for all the students could be a challenge. With embroidery you won’t have to spend a fortune to do so! However, if you want to get the orders out fast before school begins, then screen printing is your best bet!

Either way, by increasing the size of your order, you can maximise your stock whilst selling personalized uniforms at reasonable prices. Mac Designs always provides the most competitive prices to customers. But we’d like you to get even better deals by buying more for lower per unit prices. Since students will always need uniforms at school and teammates will only play in the team gear, you can easily order in bulk for a stock that lasts for a long time. The bigger the order, the more economical it will be for you!

Resale Opportunities

If you are an independent business that is selling personalised uniforms, our Personalised T Shirts and uniforms can increase your profit! An independent business like yours is most likely not limited to just one school/team. That means you have access to a larger market size. Let Mac Designs take care of producing the personalised uniforms while you worry about the important tasks crucial to the growth and development of your business. Increase your resale opportunities by ordering in bulk!